Cells Proliferation Control Medium

72hr change-free medium culture of human ES/iPS cells in Xyltech BOF-01

♠ BOF-01 is a novel basal culture medium which can suppress proliferation of human ES/iPS cell on feeder cell layers.

♠ BOF-01 can be used by completely replacing the basal culture medium (e.g. DMEM/F12) of the human ES/iPS cells.

♠ Human ES/iPS cells can be maintained with BOF-01 for about 3 days (up to 72 hours) with out changing medium under normal culture conditions (37ºC, 5% CO2).

♠ After suppression of cell proliferation with BOF-01, cell growth can be resumed by changing normal growth medium.

♠ This product does not contain glucose.

Human Pluripotent Stem Cells Proliferation Control Medium_ Note

Overview of Weekend-free Protocol

Weekend-Free Protocol

Morphology of Undifferentiated Cell Colony and Effect of Proliferation Control

Morphology & Effect

Undifferentiation markers expression in Human iPS cells by BOF-01

Maintained Human iPS Cells In Undifferentiated State.

Differentiation of Three Germ Layers (Teratoma Assay)

Maintained Human iPS cell In Pluripotent State

Colony Morphology changes during Proliferation Control Culture

Colony Morphology changes during Proliferation Control Culture.