PrO-Hospital CW Cell Washing Centrifuge (Coombs test)

With bright blue LED display

PrO-Hospital CW with bright blue LED display

Complete with 12 place rotor and accessories

The Centurion Cell Washing System can simplify work & save time in the washing of blood cells for antiglobulin reagent tests.

The instrument’s 12 place rotor accepts both 10 x 75mm & 12 x 75mm tubes.

Being a manual cell washing system means our users can be precise and sure of exact saline amounts administered by themselves.

These machines are perfect for perfoming blood groupings, blood typing, cross matching, ABO compatibility, RH testing and the Coombs test procedure.
A manual cell washing cycle includes the following steps:
● Filling with saline solution
● Centrifuging at (usually) 3,500rpm for 1 minute
● Decanting the supernatant adaptors
● Resuspending the sediment between cycles

We reserve the right to make changes with ongoing research and development.

Standard features & Advantages

Standard features & Advantages

Cell Washer Accessories

Cell Washer Accessories