Baso Diagnostics Inc. Zhuhai

Baso Diagnostics Inc. (“Baso”) leads the market in staining and hematology analyzer reagents. Baso’s Fecal Occult Blood and Polybrene kits are also widely used in China.

Baso’s complete clinical diagnostic stain kit includes, for example: (1) “Hematology stain kit”; (2) “Cytology stain kit”; (3) “Microbiology stain kit”; (4) “Histology stain kit” and (5) “Reproductive medicine stain kit.”  

Baso’s high quality stain kits provide superior diagnostic results and meet the strict requirements of clinical diagnostics testing.

Baso’s Fecal Occult Blood test kit offers an cost effective and reliable way to screen for colon cancer. The modified Pyramidon Semi-quantitative method delivers results that are more precise and reliable than conventional methods.

The Polybrene kit sets the gold standard for cross-matching blood tests and antibody screening tests.

Baso is committed to continuous innovation and strives to deliver quality products to customers around the world.

● Occult blood reagent

● Various kinds of stain solutions (including stains for pathology, cytology, haematology and microbiology) 
● Diluents, lysing, detergents are dedicated for blood cell analyzer (for all the main counters, such as SYSMEX, BECKMAN-       COULTER, ABBOTT, ABX and Mindray..etc.)

● Baso’s stain solution and polybrene command 80% and 60%,  respectively, of the China market.